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Indian market is in the inceptive phase of tele pharmacy, while the rest of the world has already accepted the system.

Unibuy marketing is a new step towards improving the outlook of Indian customers to embrace new scientific and technological platform. Also, helps to buy genuine health care and other pharmaceutical products at economical costs and avail services like tele consultation in future. Our objective is to make regular and pharma products affordable and accessible for all at assured discounted price. We operate on E- Pharma platform; deliver our products to customers based on online orders and offers cash on delivery. Our facilitation and delivery of products supported by Medlife International Pvt limited, a pioneer in E- Pharma industry having operations in more than 34 cities of India.

Unibuy Marketing is a social entrepreneurship principally aimed to furnish the advantages of civilization to everyone. We enable people to get our Genuine Pharmacy products and make them available even to the remotest person who is away from the conveniences of Good-life. Let's grow together to a better lifestyle! We are committed to welfare of all its customers with Affordability & Convenience. And to society by donating 2.5% of our profit towards health and safety charity missions. Joining with us you are also becoming part of this noble vision.



To foster entrepreneurs among the youth to serve as an esteemed partner in society to bring positive reform by introducing Innovative technology and practices in the healthcare industry.



We are socially committed to provide Health care services at an affordable rate to everyone at assured discount.

Our Services

quality product

Best Quality Products Packed In World Class Standard for Total Care


Tele Medicine and Doctor on Call

lab test

Lab Test at 70% Discount . Samples Taken at Your Home.

Unibuy and Medlife

lab test

Unibuy on its social mission to achieve medical technology literacy and thereby giving great benefits to customers. Unibuy tiedup with Medlife International Pvt Ltd, one of pioneers in pharma industry headquartered in Bangalore India. Being the master franchise of Medlife in Kerala, apart to pharma, Unibuy can deliver value added services like Lab facilities, Doctor on Call, treatments on much discounted price to promote a complete healthcare ecosystem to get its advantage at large.

Why Chooseus

Assured Discount on all products and Services

We offer assured discount to all products and services for all customers, whether it’s Essentials, Minerals, Gadgets, Prescriptions, Lab test, And E consultation

home delivery
Delivery at your home

All your orders delivered at your home 24x7. Convenience of cash on delivery

Lab test sample taken at home

We have a wide network of labs for sample test. Experienced and courteous technicians collect samples at your home. Results delivered online in 48 hrs.

Business Opportunity

How Unibuy Business Operations

  • Joining Unibuy Marketing is very simple, You can log in to www.unibuy.in and register free to become a member in Unibuy Marketing.

  • Once registered you will be offered a username and password for purchasing Unibuy products

  • All successfully registered customers in Unibuy marketing called as Unibuy Members

  • There are 2 types of clubs in Unibuy

  • Once Unibuy member start buying products he will start earning points.

  • When a member achieves 250 PV ( Point Value) he will become Health Club Member

  • And when a health club member earns 1000 PV ( Point Value) he will become a Life Club Member

Health Club Plan

In health club plan, you can log in and buy any products and services of Unibuy.

Whenever you buy any Product, you will get an assured discount up to 25 % on MRP and You will be eligible for 30% of BV (Business Value) you have earned through your purchase, You can add as many as your friends in to your team and motivate them also to buy through Unibuy so they will also get all these benefits . Moreover you will get incentives when your team also buys in health club plan. All your BV based incentives will be disbursed to you when you earn At least 250 PV in Life club plan

Life Club Plan

Life club offers life time incentives and earnings for you. There are different ranges of Need for Experience range Products made available at discount for your use. Price ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000. You will earn PV (Point Value) for every purchase.

Incentives and Other Benefits

Assured Customer Discount
  • Assured customer discount up to 25% for all purchases

Business Opening Bonus
  • BOB is the first bonus you earn at UNIBUY on successful opening of your UBLCM with 2 Unibuy Members.

  • When UBLM1 & UBLM2 become VFO (After 1000 PV purchase), you will be getting BOB of Rs 1000.

Repurchase team bonus
  • For every purchase, You will be getting 25% discount on purchases

  • And 100 % of Incentive as repurchase bonus for the team

Team Bonus
  • Team bonus is the balanced team PV of any day

Repurchase Income
  • For every purchase, You will be getting 25% discount And 30 % of BV as repurchase income.

Performance Bonus
  • This is the bonus offering for all those who achieved every milestones of UNIBUY in one month.

Other Attractions
  • Sales incentives like Foreign trips, Gold coins, Mobile Handsets Etc

business opening bonus


Frequently Asked Questions

How to upload a prescription?

To order medicines, you need to reach out our “Order Medicines by uploading prescription” page. These are the following methods through which you can reach there.

  • Click Medicines in UNIBUY App. Unibuy App can be downloaded from playstore.
  • Click “Create Order” in Franchise portal https://unibuy.in/myapp
  • visit https://www.medlife.com/order or download the Medlife app from Google Play Store for Android and Appstore for iOS
  • Click on ‘Upload Prescription’
  • Fill up your contact details
  • Place the order
  • You will get a call confirming your medicines
  • Get your medicines delivered at your doorsteps

How we can order medicine, without a doctor's prescription?

Unibuy as a social entrepreneurship unibuy encourages customers not to purchase prescription medicine without a valid prescription, though Medlife will create an e-prescription after a doctor-on-call, for search and purchase medicine through their app, based on customer’s discretion only to purchase without prescription.

Where we get the discount coupons and how to use it? All the franchises will be added to a common whatsapp group and so coupon codes will be shared by Unibuy.

What is E- Cash and how we utilize it?

E-cash system is an additional incentive system given by Medlife. Customers can avail all the saving options using E-cash while purchasing medicine. The disadvantage of E-cash is that you cannot deduct the full E-cash amount next time but only a very small part of it. Also please note that Unibuy will only do reconciliation based on the invoice amoun

Can we order the medicines for someone else?

Yes, if we have a valid prescription of that patient, you can place the order for the patient through your franchise portal

How much time it will take to deliver an order?

We can deliver with in 4 days anywhere in kerala, though we would say always 1 week expected delivery time to customers whenever possible, so they can place medicine orders 1 week before their medicine finishes.

Is it the same medicines which is prescribed by the doctors that we get?

Medlife only procures medicines directly from pharmaceutical companies or the company appointed distributors. Our team of medical experts monitor announcements pertaining to banned medicines and thus we do not sell such products. You can be absolutely assured that at Medlife we only sell medicines from authentic sources & we check for expiry before dispensing.

If same not available, is there any option to find out the substitute?

It is common practice to substitute a brand for another brand of the same medical salt while dispensing only as long as the composition & strength of the salts are an exact match. Substitutions are helpful when a brand you are searching for is out of stock or when the same composition is selling for a lower price by another brand. All Medlife substitution suggestions have been vetted by expert medical practitioners & we take a sign off from a resident doctor when we substitute any brand.

Do we have to make payment in advance?

You will be getting sms with online payment link using which you can pay using your convenient online payment options.

Many they say, online Medicines are either spurious or with expired date..! What is the answer?

Medlife is very strict in dispensing medicines that are at least 3 months away from expiry and ensure the same by multiple checks at various levels of approval, packing and logistics

What if a doctor change the prescription after i place the order with Medlife?

Your prescription could be rejected due to the following reasons

  • Click Medicines in UNIBUY App. Unibuy App can be downloaded from playstore.
  • Click “Create Order” in Franchise portal https://unibuy.in/myapp
  • visit https://www.medlife.com/order or download the Medlife app from Google Play Store for Android and Appstore for iOS
  • Values pertaining to dosage not matching with what you have ordered
  • Prescriptions that have already been stamped for no further usage
  • If the prescription is more than a year old.
  • If it contains certain Schedule H drugs that we do not dispense, example sleeping pills

Is the products delivered by courier or speed post?

Only via courier through Medlife courier partners - Delhivery, Ecom, Xpressbees

Is online sales a legal source to procure Medicines?

Buying” or “Ordering medicines online” requires a valid prescription from a certified doctor is genuine even in E-pharmacy.

If you don't have a valid prescription, you can search and add which Medlife doctors will call and prepare e-prescription before delivering the order.But now all the e-pharma companies are operating under the pursuit of brick and motar pharmacy law wherein e-prescriptions are not defined. Much clarity will come only after the e-pharmacy guidelines is released by the Mid of this year. E-prescriptions are valid in all the developed countries and its introduction has made tremendous growth in their health care facilities in their countries

We are Socially Committed

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Grievance Support

Process Flow

  • The Public/customer/Directseller can post complaints either via phone, email, website, whatsapp, post and walk-in to company address, All such request have unique tracking number which will be used for further references.
  • All the grievances will be resolved within 45 days.
    (a) The complaints related to products and direct selling related is sorted before the Grievance committee comprising of three executives.
    (b) All the Grievance committee will give initial response within 7 days. The Grievances which are taking more than 15 days after the initial response will be escalated automatically to the management who will be resolving such grievances with in next 15 days from the date of escalation.

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